Paint Splatt

Amos Gregory(LowKeyRider1) - is an artist and veteran of the

United States Naval Submarine Service. Mr. Gregory(LowKeyRider1) conceived the SF Vets Mural

project while photographing homeless veterans, at night, in SF's toughest neigborhood

Through his efforts Mr. Gregory(LowKeyRider1) led two "Angels" (Homeless Vets)

from homelessness to proper housing and medical care.

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Gabriel, Archangel of the Bay - is a homeless Marine Corp veteran who lived

on the streets for the last 17 years. Mr. Gregory(LowKeyRider1) began photographing Gabriel one year

ago. Gabriel has since been living with Mr. Gregory(LowKeyRider1) and they are best friends. Gabriel

is now awaiting his housing, has been addressing his mental health issues and led Mr.

Gregory(LowKeyRider1) to the Veterans Mural Alley. Every veteran owes Gabriel a thank you.

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Rigo23 - the SF Vets mural project is honored to be working with Rigo23.

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Copyright 2011 Amos Lee Gregory Jr.